Enhance your Delivery, Production, and Organizational Capabilities

Olympic Distributors, Inc. in Seattle, WA is in the business of helping businesses send the right message with our mailing equipment, products, and services.

Our equipment, which includes supplies for all systems represented, can augment organizational, production, and delivery capabilities.

We offer the following Mailing Equipment Products

  • Direct Impression Inkjet Addressing Systems
  • Tabbing/Tabber Systems
  • Folding Machines
  • Mailing Software
  • Paper Printing Finishing Equipment
  • Pressure Sealers
  • Printing Addresses and Bar Codes
  • Folder/Inserter Machines

Other Supported Items:

  • Kroy Lettering / Labeling & Shrink Tube ID Systems
  • In-House Vinyl Cutting Systems
Packages - Mailing Services in Seattle, WA

Distributors of Top-Shelf Mailing Equipment brands

We are an authorized distributor of several top-shelf equipment brands and are authorized business partners with Duplo.

Authorized Distributors for:


Consultation and Maintenance Services for Optimal Performance

Our consultation services assist companies in selecting the proper equipment that befits their respective structures and aims.

Our maintenance services are available to ensure that our products, and therefore the businesses that deploy them, operate smoothly and optimally.

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Call our office in Seattle, Washington at (206) 522-0033 or our toll-free line at (800) 562-6646. We have experts ready and available to answer any questions to ensure you are running optimally.